My name is Jen and my husband Anthony and I started our business in May of 2004 by renting a commercial kitchen in downtown Los Gatos. In July of 2008, we relocated our business to downtown Willow Glen in San Jose, CA. The reason “Jen’s Cakes” got its name was because I decorated my first cake for my older sister’s birthday in 1994. I attended The Culinary Academy with the intention of becoming a caterer. The smelly nature of cooking turned my attention to a more pleasant aroma, DESSERTS. After graduation I began doing birthday cakes for Applebee’s, where I also worked as a waitress. I then went to work for a Bay Area bakery that concentrated on Wedding and other special occasion cakes. The ownership changed so I went off on my own doing cakes for friends and family.
My Hubby is very involved in the business, once was the baker but is now the face of Jen’s Cakes. If you come in for a tasting you will most likely meet with him. I love having my hands in every aspect of the creation of our cakes. I love to create beautiful, fun and crazy designs for my customers. I like to think I can do almost anything a client desires, I want to make my clients dreams become reality.

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