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Cupcakes, Cupcakes,Cupcakes!

A cupcake also known as a fairy cake (who knew) or a patty cake, “we will make them as fast as we can” (haha I could not resist) are designed for your own personal enjoyment. Cupcakes are starting to take over the Wedding / Special Occasion’s World. Just stop and think about all the weddings and special occasions you have attended in the past year and how many of them had cupcakes? People often call us asking if we sell them in our shop daily but unfortunately we do not. We actually do sell them daily at an adorable little store by the name of Betroth located in the heart of Willow Glen inside of the Garden Theater. If you are looking for some of these tasty treats give them a call at 408.289.1962 and you will be enjoying your cupcakes in no time at all. (

WARNING: These yummy little treats are contagious!!

Pictures taken by Ashley Maxwell Photography

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